About Me

I am a mom of eight wonderful children (most of whom have children of their own), and a writer. I sometimes do other stuff, too, but nothing usually as important as the children.  I live in a small town in Illinois and write whenever I have the chance. I seem to always have a work in progress. I have recently discovered a love for reviewing what I read. I LOVE to read good books. I stumble on them and am happy to share my insights with others. (Sometimes, even when they don't ask!)

I have a few books published and another under contract.

I write semi-complicated, mostly happy characters and I have tucked them away in my favorite (fictional) small towns of Battlecry, Texas and Storybook Lake, Illinois. Each town is as quirky as its residents and the books are all connected in one manner or another.

Take a tour of the blog and see what fun can be had in each town and meet the characters as they come to life in the stories I hope you will come to love.

Authors love to share their work and hear what their readers have to say. I'm no different, so shoot me an email or leave me a comment and let me know you dropped in or tell me what you think of the books. You can email me at melissashirley2@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by. Let's chat soon!