Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Weight of Lies by Emily Carpenter -- So good!

It's been a bust book reading week. I'll do just about anything to avoid writing the end to a book (Once, I even folded all the laundry), but this week, I have read some truly amazing stories. My favorite, so far, is The Weight of Lies by Emily Carpenter. 

Twists and turns abound in this psychological drama about Megan Ashley, daughter of writing sensation, Francis Ashley. Desperate to understand her troubled relationship with her mother or destroy it once and for all, Meg sets out to write a tell-all-my-mama's-worse-than-yours novel. To do this, she travels to the island that inspired her mother's sensational novel. Oh man. This book was a journey for me and Megan. By the end, I couldn't decide who I wanted to be the killer. With so many twisty turns, I couldn't wait to find out. 5 stars for excellence!
I was given this book by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Secrets of Southern Girls will leave you with a book hangover!

Wow. This 5-star book with its multiple points of view gives the reader the entire story from Reba and Jules' friendship, to Reba's romances, to Julie's relationship with her ex-husband. And it compelling from the first page to the last.

Product DetailsJulie thinks she killed Reba and it has shaped every aspect of her adulthood. August was one of the boys who loved Reba when she died and he's never gotten over her. Toby is the bad-boy who should have been off-limits to the sweet and pure Reba, but Reba had secrets, an entire life she hid from her best friend and the boy who loved her. And it all led to her death. Now, ten years later, Julie teams up with August (against her better judgement) to head back to the very racist Mississippi town where she and Reba grew up to find a diary she never knew existed, a diary that tells it all and could destroy everything she or August ever knew (or thought they did) about Reba.

I couldn't stop reading. This book made my stomach clench, my eyes leak and my heart break. I, like Jules and August, wished Reba hadn't died. I wanted the happily ever after for her and I even wanted Toby (actually especially Toby) to find peace. It was an emotional journey from first page to last that really made me feel what Julie felt and what August felt, even what Toby felt. Amazing story and I loved every minute!