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Melanie Cuyler is having a very bad year. First, she spills coffee on the pants of the most popular boy in school, the same boy she’s crushed on since … well, forever. Then, there’s an incident with a chocolate cupcake and the seat of her pants, an unfortunate attempt at kissing her best friend, a school change and the death of her mother. Unable to face her future her mother or her best friend, she wishes on a dandelion for a second chance.

When she wakes up, her mother is alive, her bestie is still himself, and no one knows the unfortunate nickname she earned thanks to the “cupcake incident.” None of those things—the ones she believed she dreamed—have happened yet. Slowly, it becomes clear that this was more than a dream and her dandelion wish came true. She has two weeks to change destiny, save her mother, and repair all the things she’s broken. But no matter what changes she makes, her new version of life doesn’t go quite as planned.


Sam Camden is on the verge of losing the only thing he ever cared about—his wife, Makenzie. First, she tells him she wants a divorce then she’s in a car accident and awakes with no memory of their life together. As much as he knows telling her the truth about their relationship is the right thing to do, he can’t leave her.

When he brings her home, suddenly the house she hated is perfect, she finds the closet she filled to capacity ridiculous, and the man she’s barred from her bed is all she wants. 

Makenzie knows something is wrong with her, but being married to the man she can hardly remember is more than she ever dreamed. She can’t remember her husband more than the feeling of safety he inspires, but as she watches him and the way he tiptoes around her and measures every word before he speaks it, and her memories come back in pieces, she’s torn between discovering the truth about herself and enjoying the contentment she feels with the life she barely recognizes.

Resisting their attraction to one another is harder than either is prepared to deal with, and together they have to figure out if they can overcome the secrets of their past or if it’s time to say goodbye once and for all. 

Dandelion Wishes Excerpt... A do-over beyond belief

“Did Tucker Fallon just kiss you?” KC’s scowl, along with the hands punched onto his hips say plenty of things his  quiet words don’t. For the space of one delusional second, I think he must care about me in the way I do him. Then, I remember the way he backed off my bed. I can hear the thud in mind when he hit the floor. The thud that ended our friendship.
I blow out one of those fake disbelief scoffs. It catches on a chuckle and escapes as a snort. “No.” A nod I can’t explain bounces my hair around my shoulders. “Well, yeah. That was weird, right?” And flattering…and maybe by tomorrow my heart will be able to resume normal pacing.
As if I’d imagined KC’s sour look, it disappears, and he tilts his head, not quite smiling, but no longer scowling. “If I was you, I’d get used to it, Mel.” He points at Tucker who shoots me a three-finger wave and the come-get-me smile that has been known to dissolve cheerleader panties at more than a hundred paces. “I’d probably also get vaccinated, but that’s just me.”
“Tucker Fallon kissed me. In what world does that happen?” Even in my wildest dreams—and I’ve already had one of those that didn’t include Tucker’s face being anywhere near mine—things like this do not happen to me.

“You went from tomboy to super model in the space of a day, Mel. You gotta expect that guys are gonna be looking at you now.” And the scowl is back.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Dandelion Wishes Excerpt ... Bad day

As I read the words I lie to myself all the time…Bam!...someone shoves me hard to the left, and in reward, I get a face full of chest…hard, masculine chest. In slow motion, I scream as my cup crushes between me and the aforementioned pectoral muscles. The caramel flavored coffee spills down the front of Tucker Fallon—all-star quarterback, last year’s homecoming king, and boy of my dreams. Familial social graces all having been bestowed upon my sister, I freeze. No way to spin this in my favor anyway.
In hindsight, I know I could have reacted in a million different ways, but in this moment, no viable options come to me. So, by the sheer power of instinct, my lightning fast reactions, and good sopping skills, I knee-drop right in front of him and use my jacket—in a very regrettable up and down motion—to scrub the coffee from his khakis. My skin burns hotter with each swipe against his pants, but I can’t stop. Nothing in the world is more important to me in this minute than undoing what I’ve done.
I don’t look up at Tucker to see what is probably terror on his face. There is a stain spreading across the front of him and I’ve turned into a jackhammer of super-scrubbing power. In the meantime, my heart threatens to beat out of my rib cage and my arm keeps pumping. Up and down. Up and down.
The laughter comes in quiet spurts at first, and I ignore it until it’s a symphony of sound. I lurch my head around. Here I am face to zipper with Tucker Fallon, vigorously rubbing my fleece jacket over his crotch, humiliating myself on levels it will take an act of God to bounce back from, and it seems the entire student body has crowded into the hallway to watch. And laugh.
Shame bubbles out of me in a sob, but I keep jerking my jacket over the spot where my coffee is soaking into his pants. In his defense, he tries to push me away once, until a new round of catcalls sounds and he drops his hands.
Thankfully, or maybe not, KC sees fit to amble past on his way to class. He stoops to wrap his fingers around my arm and lift me from my knees. “What the hell are you doing, Mel?”
“I spilled my coffee.” I lean in to whisper the words, as if by keeping my voice quiet it will erase this moment from the annals of history.

“And you thought giving Tuck a boner would make that right?” I hear his disbelief, see the question in his eyes, but my brain is on lock-down. Sweat rolls down my back, and I take another glance around—all these people laughing, not bothering to disguise it... I can’t think of a single thing to do or say to make them stop, to shut everyone up. Instead, I race to the bathroom and hide until the bell rings. Since I can’t just walk out and go home to bury my shame under my pillow until the good Lord sees fit to save me, I have no choice but to dry my eyes and get on with the day. I can do this. I can face it. 

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

I am a girl who loves to read. LOVES LOVES LOVES to read. And I have read some doozies lately. Books I loved, and books I didn't quite make it through. As a writer, it is hard to sit back and judge others. It feels mean. It feels like I should be praising them, no matter what because I know what they've put into it--the hours in front of a computer, the sweat (deadlines are stressful, people), the creating people you love, little parts of yourself or others you know. Grueling work. Even more grueling are the reviews, especially is the reviewer doesn't love your people the way you do. 

So, why do I do it? Why would I deign to read the works of other authors and presume to know or assume that I am fit to sit in judgement of others? Like I said, I love to read. And if I find a book I love and would read twice (Hello, Outlander. Howdy, What You Wish For), I want to tell the world. So without further rambling... here are a couple reviews from lately. 

Oh the twists and turns! And what a tangled web she wove. Liza Cole is fabulous storyteller, if she knows the story. She's written one masterpiece and a few meh-novels. Her husband, David, a lawyer struggling with the disappearance of his law partner and best friend, is pulling away. And Lza's fertility treatments have side effects that make her feel as crazy as her characters. And Beth, the heroine in her new novel is a delicious character with striking similarities to Liza herself, even if Liza can't see them.

This is not the traditional who-done-it suspense novel, but is a 5 star read full of twists and turns as Liza rediscovers a forgotten past, crafts a new novel that is woven through Holahan's chapters, and comes to the startling realization that nothing and everything is as she remembers.
   This is a twisty novel that will keep a reader guessing from the prologue to the end. I liked this book a lot.
   This book was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Billie Flannagan is a wife, a mother, a woman with a past. And now, she's gone. Dead? Maybe. Vanished? Certainly. previously wild and carefree, Billie is a woman with secrets uncovered throughout the course of an investigation by her husband, Jonathan, and her daughter, Olive. 

There is a lot that happens in this book. The message though - that the tilt of a mirror can change the perspective of we have of a reflection - is powerfully presented. The details while sometimes tedious are presented in such a way that I didn't regret reading every word. This book was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Summer Ryan has disappeared. One half of a twin set, Summer is the sweet, cello player with an eye toward the future. Her sister, Raine, is her polar opposite. Tough, street-smart and hair on the wild side, she is determined to find her sister, told hold her hand one more time and if she has to break into a house or two to do it, then so be it. Aided by a couple guys whose lives are no better than her own (one's a dialysis patient, the other is his father's punching bag), Raine embarks on a serious journey to find her sister, leaving no stone or drunk un-turned.  
The characters in this book are vividly crafted and the emotions are well presented. From beginning to end, the angst is palpable, the suspense is titillating and the ending is a surprise. I love that some phonetics were used to really set the book's tone and that the author didn't shy away from the tough topics these characters faced. I won't reveal the end, but wow. Really well done!

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What You Wish for...THE TRAILER!

Oh This book!!!
Falling in love is as easy as opening this book!
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WHAT YOU WISH FOR by GINA WYNN The reviews are IN!!!!

When Maggie Forrester wakes up naked in bed with her boss, iceman Will Brian, she's sure it must be a dream. Or a feverish hallucination at the very least. But magic takes over when she begins to experience an impossible other life—complete with an alternate husband—and she's forced to confront the reality of the man she loves versus the man she's fallen in love with.

After secrets she believed long buried surface, both of Maggie's realities are threatened. As the truth of her past comes to light, she must decide which man she truly loves and which life she wants to live—if the choice is even hers to make. Sometimes, true love is even worth wishing for.

Sounds Great, right? Buckle up my friends. Here are just a couple things the reviewers are saying about What You Wish For!

"I'm still in the grieving process of when you finish a book and you wish you'd read just a little bit slower so it would never really end."--Noelle

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Interview part 2 with Gina Wynn

Back for day 2 with Gina Wynn!!!!!!

ME: Will is a very romantic character. Did you model him after someone?

GINA: Nope. :-) I tend to think any romance-novel male (any written by a woman, anyway) is more fantasy than real. And that's what Will is for me. Not perfect, but definitely fantasy. He lives in a different dimension, after all. :-D

ME: Did you have the end planned from the start when you began writing? Without revealing too much, what other ending did you have in mind?

GINA: The ending was almost exactly opposite. I actually have it written already, and I had to change it based on how the book was flowing, and - for lack of a better way to define it - what the characters wanted. If any readers are curious what the (completely unedited ending) was shaping up to look like, let me know. Although obviously it's a huge spoiler, so best to read What You Wish For first as a frame of reference. I also have various little bits and pieces I wrote as I went along - parts that never made it into the story, or helped me to get to know supporting characters better.


GINA: I've considered it. I have an account on WattPad but I know readers there prefer finished stories.I've also had requests to write further stories in the Wish Universe and, truthfully, there are probably about 4 further stories I could write about the characters (a mixture of lengths) but I'm not sure any would capture the same feel as Wish, and they'd certainly be much more straightforward genre-style writing. So I'm not really sure I want to risk diluting Wish in that way. :-/ I'm undecided. Regarding newsletters, I know I should start one, and I'd love to because i love chatting to people, but I don't have a to to giveaway each month, and none of my children are badly behaved enough for me to offer them as prizes...yet. ;-)

ME: If you could choose anyone in the world to play Maggie in the What You Wish  For movie who would you choose?
Same question for Will and Jake.

Image result for patrick brammallGINA: Eek! Oh nooooooo... I don't know. I'll be honest with you. I don't even know what they look like. They're British, but I don't really know. Anyone could play them, I suppose. :-D Let me think. How about...even before I saw Fringe, I kind of saw Will as a bit of Joshua Jackson, maybe. But Pacey's... he will be forever Pacey in my heart <3... eye colour is wrong. As a first-tie, I also considered Patrick Brammall. For Jake, I actually quite like Jake McDorman. But I'm open to all suggestions. I haven't seen anyone who has struck me as a Maggie. Maybe readers have some different - better? - ideas.


GINA: I quite like that you can't because that keeps him almost real. His own man. :-D

ME: If you could pick any song to  characterize Maggie and Will's relationship, what would it be? What about for Maggie and Jake?

GINA: I had a play list while I was writing, but I don't want to say too much about which song relates to which person/relationship. I pinned a few of the songs on my Wish Pinterest page, though, so people can head over there an listen to them. I end up with a loose playlist for everything I write - although some songs only end up on there by virtue of being so popular, and played so often, at the time I wrote the story that they became intertwined in my head. My Wish Pinterest board is here: Definitely the stand out two are John Legend - All of Me and Harry Nilsson - Without You, though. Again, I'm always glad to hear other people's suggestions. :-)

ME: Ok. Let's just put this out there. There is a rumor (*wink*) that this book touches on the taboo subject of adultery. How did/do you rationalize it in context with the storyline and what do you want to tell readers about the way it's handled?

GINA: Hmm. This is a tough one. Wish is definitely kind of morally grey in that area, but only in the same way Outlander should have been morally grey when Claire married Jamie. Is there adultery? Maybe. Does it feel like a cheating book? In my opinion no. The basic premise is that Maggie essentially has two husbands in two alternate worlds (so experiences two lives) but she struggles with that. How can she be married to two? How can she love two? I've made it sound a lot blunter than it is, because it's far more nuanced as the back story evolves. I've asked people if it feels like a cheating book and been told "Not at all" and one of my Goodreads reviews states: "I usually don't like a book with adultery. I'm a bit of a traditionalist, but the way this book was written just hooked me. I couldn't stop reading it and wanted to know what was going to happen." so different people clearly believe different things. :-) I think people are just going to have to read it and decide for themselves, in a way, because everyone's opinion will be different on how Maggie should have handled things. That's kind of one of the things I like about Wish. It isn't a simple from a to b storyline, and it certainly gave me plenty to think about while I was writing.


GINA: I don't know. I suppose that's part of where the story came from - the big "What If?" The start of any book, really. I think the important thing to remember if Maggie was never guaranteed which life she belonged in. I suppose that had an impact on the way she behaved.

ME: Maggie is presented with a very unique problem. Getting to know your other dimension husband is not something we usually get to do. Tell us what your other dimension husband would be doing 
RIGHT NOW and what you would be doing.

Image result for man cooking gifGINA: Giving me a massage? :-) I don't know. Maybe single handedly cooking me something to eat, wrangling my/our children and promoting my books. :-) He'd be good at all three, naturally.


GINA: Straight swap in terms of technology. Or somewhere more medically advanced so we're all safe from illness. But, then, if I was put in a position where I had to go to a completely different life/environment/world, the most important thing would be love, right?

ME: Name 2 things, if you could take them with you, that you would take across dimensions if you were in Maggie's situation.

GINA: In Maggie's situation? Maggie and I are quite different, but I couldn't imagine going anywhere without my children (there are three of them, soI'll just lump them into a group, for ease and save having to choose. ;-) ) I'd also need my laptop, although I'm not sure it'd work in another dimension. Maybe I could shove it in a bag with my notebooks, because I wouldn't want to lose all of my story ideas. Oh... I need a third thing, after all. I'd have to take my best friend, because how else would I cope? :-D


GINA: I'll be forever in your debt if you give it a chance. :-)
Other stuff is coming. I'm a sloooooooow writer with an huge tendency for procrastination, but I have a couple of other books out there, and more ideas than I can keep up with. I also have a deadline that I should be working on right now. :-) I have a couple of other projects I am excited to get back to, although - very sadly - one was written with the devil as the main character before the lovely Tom Ellis stole my thunder with his portrayal of Lucifer, so that might be destined for WattPad, if I ever get it finished. :-) Like I said, I'm slow. (But hopefully worth waiting for!)